6 Quick Tips to Boost User Engagement with Your SEO Redesign

For the various reasons, you might need to re-design your website. During the re-designing process, it is very important to engage yourself to make the website more effective. The websites should be designed in such a way that it increases the number of visitors similar to the website of this Chicago SEO company.

The newly designed website must not decline the numbers of the current visitors. Attracting the new visitors impressing the old ones is the main aim of the website re-design. The websites needs to be very user-friendly and it should answer all the queries of the visitors.


Follow the simple tips below to boost the user engagement with the SEO redesign:-

  1. Improving the content

The contents in the websites should be meaningful. It should be very interesting that the user should not be bored while browsing your site. Keep all the important and interesting current news about the industry and different business topics. It will very appealing if you provide the “search” option in your page.

  1. Include the future to contact the visitors.

Provide the feature so that the visitors can stay connected with you. You can give the facility to send the email. It will help you to get the feedbacks about your products. You can then provide added information according to their feedbacks. You can also get the reviews about your website and content and then work according to it.

  1. Include more images in the websites

The images explains better than the words. The users are interested to view the images more than reading the detail. So, it is very beneficial to add the maximum numbers of the pictures in the web sites. It makes the page more attractive.

  1. Optimize the page for the quick load

The users always wants their page to load fast. If your page take long time to load then you should update your hosting plan for the quick page load. Your website hosting company will help you for that. If your page load fasts, it will prevent the user to visit other page while your page is being load.

  1. Make the website available for the mobile phones

Today, most of the people are using the mobile phones for internet browsing. The websites should be supported in the mobile phones. When re-designing the websites, you should make sure that the website is also attractive in various smartphones.


  1. Search Engine Result Page

You can add the different incentive to click from your webpage. It helps to improve the website’s Google SERP. It can be done by providing the various discounts, keeping the low cost for ordering first or use any other methods to make the user visit different pages going through your page.

You can also improve in the Search engine ranking making your page available in different other social networking sites. You can promote yourself on the sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization helps your business to be recognized by the most of the people. it will helps you to grow your business.

5 Benefits of the multilingual SEO

SEO refers to the Search Engine Optimization which helps you website available in the top list in different search engines. Google and other different search engine tools provides the list of the results which are relevant to the key words used in the search engine tools.


The list is provided according to the website quality and quantity of the links from the different websites. All the people in the world do not wish to view the different web sites in English language always. Most people looks for the website in their native language.

The multilingual Search Engine Optimization helps the different sites in different languages to improve their web site visibility in the search engine tools. The multilingual SEO is a great help for the business organization to expand globally.

Followings are the 5 benefits provided by the multilingual SEO to the business:-

  1. Accessibility to the most people

The different researches has shown only 1/3 people internet users prefers English as the first language. So, if your website is available in only one language, there is a high possibility that your website is not viewed by the most of the internet users all around the world. So, it is very benefits to have the websites in different languages and multilingual SEO helps such website visible to the people looking for your site in different language.

  1. MSEO is cost-effective

The amount required for setting up the website in different languages are as same as the amount needed for creating the unilingual websites. The user will not need to create a separate website for the different languages. You will only be improving your web page visibility in different languages.


  1. Benefits over the competitors

Multilingual SEO provides the competitive advantage to the business as it helps to grow your business more effectively than your competitors. It helps to increase the revenue of your business in very quick time.

  1. Makes customers happy and Satisfied

According to the various research and study, it shows that 60% of the internet users do not prefer English as the first or second language. Those people prefer to browse the websites that are available in their own languages. The multilingual websites helps them to clearly understand what the website is all about. When the people are satisfied with the website content, it helps any business to expand.

  1. Global Recognition of the brand

Multilingual SEO help your business to be recognized in different parts of the world. It helps your business to gain more popularity in the world. Your business will be helped to grow in the international market.

Hence, if you want to be recognized globally, then multilingual SEO can be a great help. You will not only attract the local customers, but it also helps to attract the customers from all around the world. It helps your business to grow in the international market increasing the return of investment and revenue margin. Every people in the world speaking different language will know about your brand which helps it to establish globally.

6 Actionable SEO Tips To Follow

Search Engine Optimization helps the websites easily visible on different search engines. The various search engine tools displays the results according to the key words used during the search. Today, the users seeks the knowledge of the different companies and brands from the internet first.


They look for the different companies online. So, when they search for the company related to your product, you do not want to be messed from the search result. The following 6 actionable SEO tips will help your website available to the maximum number of the internet users:-

  1. Provide the commercial keywords rather than the exact words.

It is not necessary to put the exact words for your content. Use the keywords that are more popular and easy to understand. Think like the people who are going to make the search. For example “top 10 weight loss methods” for the “eBook on weight loss” will be more helpful.

  1. Make the website that will also be supported on the mobile phones.

Create a mobile-friendly websites. Today, many people uses the mobile phones to browse the internet. The most of the searches are made from the mobile phones. If the people want to browse your website mobile phone, if it is not mobile-friendly, it will not be loaded on their phone which will decline your website popularity.


  1. Find out and use the keywords that your competitors are using.

If you are being defeated by your competitor in the search results, you can use their keywords for your site. From the Google Keyword Planner, you can view the key words used by them and if you find that effective for your website then you can use them.

  1. Design the user-friendly website.

It is necessary that your website should be unique and qualitative. Besides it must also be the user-friendly. When someone visits your website make sure that they will find out all the important information easily. They should be able to get the various links related to their website easily. It will help your site to get re-visited regularly.


  1. Provide more backup signal to your page

When people search for the different pages, they mostly considers the two factors, they are keywords and links. Among the many factors, the following factors also have the effect on the Search Engine Optimization:-

  • It is very beneficial if you include different related images, information graphics and videos in your website.
  • You can link out the other websites that helps to increase the trust scores of the page.

  1. Install Social media sharing plugin

You should encourage the people who visits your website to share your page on different social media platforms. The social media sharing plugin helps the other users to easily share your website on the social Medias. As your website is shared more, it will get maximum social authority signal which helps your website to top the list in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization helps any business to grow more efficiently. It helps to aware everyone about your business products.

4 Of the Most Common Missed SEO Optimization Opportunities

Search Engine Optimization is very helpful to make the business popular. It helps to rank in the top list of the search engine result. The maximum number of the visitors increases as the research show that the user will mostly visit the above pages of the search results.


So, it is very important to optimize the web pages. During the process of optimization, many makes very simple mistakes. The mistakes can be corrected very easily but you should first find out the mistakes. Followings are some of the most common missed SEO Optimization Opportunities.

  1. Not Good Title Tag

Title Tags play vital role in SEO. The title tags should properly describe the contents in your website. It should include all the information that you want to provide to the user who are making the search. Most of the people includes about their business in this tag which may not include the actual information the searcher is looking for.

One of another problem is that the people ignores the title tag which is the reason many duplicate tags are originated for various other pages. You are allowed to use around 50 to 60 characters in the title tag. So, utilize it by using the perfect keywords that covers the full information.


  1. Not Good Meta Tag

Meta Tags too plays very important role in SEO. It also helps to provide the detail information to the people who are making the search. The words written in this tag helps to convince the searcher to enter your website.

The words used in this tags should include what your page is really about and your page is worth to be visited for different reasons. The tags are highlighted. So, use the proper keywords to describe your website contents.

  1. Not checking the site links

The site links helps the visitors to drive deeper in the websites. Site links are automatically created by the Google. However you must check it at least one time. The site links created by the Google always might not be meaningful. Some site links might create a confusion to the searcher about websites actual contents. So, you must analyze the site links by using the Google Search Console.

  1. Analytics Tracking not working properly

You must make sure that your analytics tracking is working properly. Analytics tracking helps the site owner to know about the people who visited the site. The time of the website visit can also be checked and the way of the visitor using the website can be also be determined.

So, if your analytics tracking is not working properly, you will not be able to know your website progress. Without tracking the progress, you will not be able to your website performance. To overcome this problem, Google offers the tool in the Google Assistant plug-in to find out the mistakes and helps you to correct the errors.


Hence, the title tags and metatags must be meaningful. You should must follow the proper analytics tracking and site link checking process to prevent yourself from missing the most common SEO optimization opportunities.